Creative Ideas for Using Curtain Panels and Valences to Brighten Kitchens

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Published: 04th August 2009
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There is no question that beautiful curtain panels and valences brighten kitchens. However, curtain panels and valences can even be used to brighten kitchens in places that you might not realize. If you don't have the obvious spot above your kitchen sink for curtain panels and valences, look around for a creative spots to add them.

Hang Curtain Panels and Valences on a Door

Magnetic curtain rods are available to hang curtain panel and valences in places that you didn't think possible. Metal doors in your kitchen are great places to add color and beauty. Curtain panels can be placed on a door hanging straight down or swept to the side and tied back. Valences can be hung with a magnetic curtain rod on a door at the top or halfway down as a café curtain. Curtain panels and valences on a door can really brighten your kitchen. Be creative, also using a magnetic rod you can hang curtain panels and valences on a metal kitchen cabinet door for some color or to hide open areas.

Hang Curtain Panels and Valences as a Privacy Divider

Curtain panels and valences can be hung in a doorway giving privacy, coverage or just some color into an adjoining laundry room or pantry. Just like a window your curtain rod can be mounted above the door and the curtain panel and valences can be draped along side until you want the privacy. It can be a very versatile addition to your kitchen.

Don't be afraid to be creative with curtain panels and valences in your kitchen. We spend an extraordinary amount of time in the kitchen; it has become the center of activity in every household. Adding curtain panels and valences will dress-up and brighten your space to make your kitchen a treat to be in.

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