How To Decorate Your Window Wells

Published: 13th August 2010
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Window Well Basics: Landscaping Your Window Wells

Don't miss out on this easy opportunity to make a huge difference to your basement space-and enjoy a very inexpensive and easy project that's fun for the children. If you're lucky enough to have large window wells, you'll be able to create a diorama or beautiful scene. You have many options when it comes to window well decoration. If you own a basement with window wells, you can easily make a diorama out of the deep well by adding decorative liner as "backdrop" and then choosing whichever materials you think look best in the space. Usually materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing such as landscaping materials work best. Get creative!

Window Well Decoration Ideas:

We suggest: rock, driftwood, stones, boulders, children's figurines, small sculptures, and both artificial and real plants. Let your children each contribute something to the scene.

Create a colorful garden inside your window well, using any plants you'd like.A colorful perennial display can be beautiful.Use whatever kind of plants you wish, and even faux plants work well. Or create a nature or beach scene with sand, stone, and miniatures. Depending on what type of window grate you have above, you have the option of hanging items (such as figurines) down from the grate on fishing line. Children will love the "flying" insects, dinosaurs, butterflies, birds, or any other animals they choose.If you're not into flying bugs and creatures, hang plants, ivy, or flowers.Let your children create the view of their dreams-desertscapes, forest trails, sunsets, oceans, etc...

You can also choose to encase your window well in stone or brick or simply plant ivy around the top so it'll grow and hang down, making your basement window view attractive.If you're tired of looking at corrugated metal, you have the option to paint that surface any color you'd like. Plants look great against a black background, and tan and green are very popular as well.Any mirrored surface is perfect for adding depth and dimension to the scene, or inexpensive "stained glass" plastic, available affordably at Home Depot.Or purchase a reflective panel kit that redirects outside light back in through your window.

Your window wells don't need to be an eyesore.Take the time to transform your window well space and let your family have fun in the process.Your window well will then transform into an attractive landscape and you'll enjoy hanging around-there's no reason for you to live with a dreary view.

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