The BodipHier Treatment: A Safe Product to Straighten Hair and Relax Hair

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Published: 19th November 2010
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Traditional products used to straighten hair or relax hair usually contain either sodium hydroxide (lye) or a derivative of sodium hydroxide. Derivatives include calcium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide and guanadine hydroxide. The BodipHier system, however, uses sodium carbonate, a significantly less caustic substance than sodium hydroxide. Sodium carbonate raises the pH of water just enough to soften the hair bonds, without harming the hair cuticle and causing long-term damage. BodipHier leaves hair soft and manageable, while retaining shine, body and hair health.

More women nowadays seek gentler alternatives to harsh chemical relaxers. Sodium hydroxide-based relaxers can cause serious hair damage and burns, especially when used improperly. Products used to straighten hair and relax hair, along with hair dyes, are the source of more complaints to the Food and Drug Administration than almost any other product. Stylists who disobey the cardinal rules of relaxing, which include not scratching the scalp or washing the hair too soon before the application can compromise the health of your scalp and hair. Before using a product to straighten hair or relax hair, consider your hairís texture, your history of hair treatments and your hairís current health when weighing your options.

Products used to relax hair and straighten hair typically have a pH level between 10-14. BodipHier has a milder pH balance of 12. Because itís less harsh than other products used to straighten hair and relax hair, the BodipHier system retains the health of your hair, but produces less extreme results. You may not achieve pin-straight hair with the BodipHier systemódepending on the hairís texture, hair typically loosens into soft, manageable waves. If you want straighter results, itís perfectly safe to use heat styling tools after using the BodipHier system.

Remember, not every product marked "natural" or "organic" is necessarily safeósome products attempt to mask the harsh effects of the relaxer with "natural" additives. You may be using a product to relax hair marked "gentle," when in fact it has a harsh pH of 14. Also, keep in mind that products used to straighten hair and relax hair for children do not necessarily have a lower pH. When choosing a product to straighten hair or relax hair, check the ingredient list, and donít hesitate to call the manufacturer to inquire about the pH.

Christen R. is a freelance writer for Fresh Look Hair. If youíre looking for a safe alternative product to straighten hair or relax hair, try the BodipHier system. Youíll enjoy straight, manageable hair while maintaining healthy shine, texture and body. Visit to find out more!

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