Using Alternatives to Chemical Relaxers

Published: 10th March 2009
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Considering using alternatives to chemical relaxers? Kinky, curly and frizzy hair can be difficult to manage. Often chemical relaxers contain lye, which is sodium hydroxide. By using these harsh chemical relaxers you can damage your hair, burn your scalp and possibly cause hair loss. Other complaints are hair breakage, hair thinning and lack of hair growth all caused from chemical hair relaxers. For best results, look for alternatives to chemical relaxers. Alternatives to chemical relaxers provide natural, healthy non-chemical hair relaxer solutions.

By using healthy alternatives to chemical relaxers, you will be able to relax your hair, add body and give you healthy vibrant hair. With a non-chemical hair relaxer you will get relaxed hair without being stripped of all your body but look more natural by keeping beautiful body and shine. Don't be fooled into wrong alternatives to chemical relaxers, a non-chemical hair relaxer does not contain lye or any other chemical promising to be less harsh. A non-chemical hair relaxer is made with only natural ingredients. When shopping for alternatives to chemical relaxers look at the ingredients. Some ingredients that you want to see in a non-chemical hair relaxer are alkaline water, soda ash & minerals, protein powder, natural vitamins, minerals and oils. These ingredients along with a proper care system will allow you to keep your hair relaxed and manageable. A non-chemical hair relaxer is easy to use and does not require going to a salon to do it. Reading and following the instructions carefully will give you a non-chemical hair relaxer treatment and salon results at home.

When using alternatives to chemical relaxers and all hair relaxers, including a non-chemical hair relaxer, you want to make sure that you maintain healthy hair with conditioners and vitamins. A regular schedule of shampoos, conditioners and vitamins will help fortify the hair and restore the natural ph balance to your hair. Special shampoos and conditions that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural oils will give you maximum results if used with a non-chemical hair relaxer.

You should always be cautious when blow drying and styling your hair even if you use non-chemical hair relaxer. Heat and thermal tools often damage hair if not used properly. Using the right thermal styling moisturizer and styling products are important to healthy hair manageability.

By using alternatives to chemical relaxers you are already one step ahead in your goal to achieve healthier hair. Be sure to keep your hair conditioned and use the proper styling products to protect against heat and thermal damage. Make sure to keep your hair vibrant with the proper vitamins and minerals. Alternatives to chemical relaxers are good for the health of your hair. By eliminating the harsh chemicals, alternatives to chemical relaxers are good for the environment as well.

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