Wood Window Well Covers Protect Animals and Children

Published: 05th July 2010
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Many people believe that window wells covers are meant to keep water out of basements. While that is true, another reason window well covers are particularly useful is because they protect windows from accumulating leaves, debris, small animals, and even prevent children from falling down through the window into your home or basement. Window wells do not often fill with water, commonly they fill up with dirt, snow, or provide a home for a critter, when they should be protected by a window well cover or wood window well cover to function as an emergency exit, should you or your family need it. Window well covers are necessary, especially if you have egress window wells and in many cases housing inspectors will require that you purchase a window well cover as a precautionary measure to prevent falls or injuries.

Depending where you live, there are a variety of creatures that would love to make your window well their new home. Small animals such as snakes, lizards, possums, skunks, or squirrels often take up residence in window wells, if not protected or covered by wood window well covers. This is especially true if your property is located near open fields, the woods, or anywhere rural.Convincing these animals to give up their homes isn't easy and can be dangerous, so prevent this scenario from coming about by installing wooden window well covers. In some cases, animals become trapped in window wells and cannot escape.If you do discover an animal, reptile, or amphibian living in your window well, there's a good chance that both you and it would like it to leave. If the animal is unable to get out, you can assist it by lowering in a board tacked with burlap or other rough surface (carpet pieces are fine, too) into the window well at an angle, serving as a ramp.If the animal is nocturnal it'll usually climb out come nightfall.

Purchase wood window well covers before summer, as children and pets will likely be spending a lot more time outdoors. If they are playing or running near the foundation of your home, protect them with a window well cover. That'll ensure no one gets trapped, hurt, or injured. To add value and protection to your home and backyard, learn more about wood window well covers. Covers specifically designed for window wells and egress window wells from wood, masonry, and metal provide the best cover and fit for more then a temporary fix. For the safety and security of your home and family, consider outfitting your window wells with quality wood window well covers.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for windowbubble.com, a company that custom fits basement window well covers for metal, wood, and masonry window wells. Window Bubble has a lifetime guarantee for their window well covers, and they adhere to all egress safety standards. For more information on wood window well covers, visit our website.

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